A call to California’s 32 Congressional District

My name is Joshua Scott— I am a native Angeleno, a proud American, and your candidate for the 32nd Congressional District.

Many reasons have compelled me to enter the race to be your representative – chief among them is my love for this great country and for our beautiful Southern California.

I also believe that our district and the country can do better than the old, entrenched, establishment interests which have thrived on political favoritism and public apathy.

Like millions of other Americans, I became active politically in response to the defeatism, declinism, and moral fatigue that has recently plagued our political system and culture.

Like many of you, I’m disappointed by the dysfunction rampant in the management of our cities; in the runaway homelessness which is destroying many district communities; in the lawless posturing of our public

officials on the issues of immigration and information disclosure; and by the crippling financial burdens, in both taxes and regulations that are placed on small-businesses and wage earners.

My belief in the promise of this great nation, and of my responsibility to my community had its origins in my family background:

From a maternal grandfather – a Mexican immigrant who loved this country and served in the US army.

From a paternal grandfather, who served the nation in the US Coast Guard.

From two committed parents who ran successful businesses and instilled in me the importance of civic and political engagement as a means of preserving our prosperity and freedom.

There is a renewed sense of citizen engagement in the country and the region; of a rejection of comfortable establishment politicos for candidates who will say what they mean, and do what they say; for a generation of Americans who do not accept the notion that their children will not have the same opportunities that they’d enjoyed.

I believe that I share these sentiments with a majority of citizens in California’s 32nd District. I will seek to translate them to clear policy positions to which you can hold me accountable.

Meet the Candidate

Both before and after graduating with a political science degree from California State University, Long Beach, I worked as a litigation assistant at the Law Offices of Larry H. Parker, and then in Tel Aviv as an Intelligence Analyst at one of the most prestigious geopolitical risk-consulting firms in the world.

In this professional experience, I worked alongside the top analysts in the international community, I became versed in fast-paced geopolitical assessments and critical writing, and received briefings from military officers. Outside of work, I had the privilege of traveling throughout the country to attend political and business seminars, give speeches, and participate in productive meetings and dialogues with residents of the many different cultures, religions, and backgrounds of the Middle East, bolstering my perspective and understanding of the region.

Upon returning to the United States, I immersed myself into the local political scene to advocate for my conservatism, American patriotism, and Zionism. I worked with several candidates and committees throughout Los Angeles County to amplify my ambitious ideologies heading into the 2018 midterm elections. Then, just one month before the primary election, I found out that there was no candidate challenging the incumbent Representative in District 32, and The People did not have a choice in the upcoming election. After careful consideration and strong support from the local community, I decided to enter the primary, and I earned the Republican nomination for the general election. With a significantly abridged campaign and an inspired community that was thrilled to finally have a choice, our team earned unprecedented results and became the most successful Republican congressional campaign in Los Angeles County.

Now, we are ready to bring our momentum into 2020 by making a real change and sending a young conservative like myself to Washington D.C. Partisan politics aside, us proud Americans must unite against the career politicians that have NOT acted in the interests of The People. Their corruption and complacency has been to our detriment, and Southern California, the most incredible region in the USA, has suffered mightily. It is time to make a change and stand up to put the prosperity of all American citizens to the forefront, with no apologies.

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    Joshua Scott for Congress

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    Joshua Scott for Congress
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    Joshua Scott for Congress
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    Joshua Scott for Congress
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