Joshua is running to protect our shared values.

+ Economy and Taxes

The United States economy must be stimulated and strengthened by policies that enable our businesses to operate at maximum potential in a system that provides economic opportunity for all Americans. I am strongly in favor of removing as many punitive regulations on our small businesses as possible, as well as continuing the policy of reduced corporate and income taxes. Small businesses are the biggest job creators in America, and they must be able to use their time and capital to hire workers and pay decent wages as opposed to focusing on regulatory compliance. Since the beginning of significant regulatory rollbacks, the federal government has saved billions of dollars in regulatory costs. Not only does cutting unnecessary bureaucratic red tape allow businesses to operate more freely, it also incentivizes them to operate and manufacture in the United States, instead of outsourcing to another country. On top of the regulatory rollbacks, the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act has had a phenomenal effect on our economy. Reduced corporate and income taxes have led to job growth throughout the nation with rising wages, which has created increasingly high consumer confidence, along with increased federal revenue. Moreover on business friendly practices, it is also imperative that United States rearrange our unfair trade deals with foreign nations in order to reduce our lopsided deficits and allow our manufacturers to benefit from exporting all over the globe. While we are making progress, it must be noted that due to California’s incredibly high state taxes, businesses and individuals have not been able to reap the full benefits of the recent tax cuts. I look forward to working with local legislators to advocate for policies that call for economic prosperity for all citizens.

+ Immigration

Providing an opportunity to people from around the world to legally immigrate to the USA is one of the things that makes our country great. So many of our great American citizens are individuals who immigrated here to achieve a better life for them and their families. While we need to continue to provide these opportunities, the system in which we enforce our immigration laws must be significantly reevaluated. We have reached a point where there are there are millions of people who are living in this country illegally and are benefiting from programs that are paid for by American taxpayer dollars. In fact, the state of California alone has an expenditure of over 23 billion dollars per year on undocumented residents. I believe that those who have been long-term, tax-paying residents in the United States with no criminal history deserve a path to citizenship to live as proud Americans, but before this can be addressed, we must secure our border. A physical barrier, along with a significant presence of security personnel, are extremely necessary to not only curb illegal entries, but also the trafficking of drugs, weapons, and children. An insecure border incentivizes who commit trafficking and other atrocities against humanity to continue their nefarious activities. On top of securing our borders, we must end sanctuary cities and allow federal immigration laws to be enforced nationwide. It is absurd that we allow for violent felons who have been deported several times for their crimes to reside in the cities in which we are raising our children. These current practices are unfair to those who went through the process and immigrated to our country legally. The southern California community is rich in immigrants, and we can assist these families and provide them with opportunities for prosperity by comprehensively reforming our broken immigration system and strictly enforcing our laws.

+ Your Rights and the Constitution

In our current generation of American politics, we have seen our inalienable rights that were guaranteed to us by the United States Constitution come under attack. Whether on college campuses or within big tech corporations, there have been coordinated and well-funded attempts to censor the words of those with conservative viewpoints, and those who do not fit into the desired narrative. Furthermore, we have seen mainstream politicians and pundits propose policies that directly infringe on an American’s right to bear arms and protect their family. While we must make sure that firearms are kept out of the wrong hands by enforcing our laws properly and ensuring that those agencies enforcing the law are operating with competency, it is absolutely wrong to suggest we remove the right of self protection from law-abiding citizens. These attacks on our first and second amendments are dangerously close to achieving success. The Constitution and the individual rights it guarantees are some of the greatest accomplishments in any civilized society, and they are what America the greatest country on Earth. I promise to always stand firm on protecting your first and second amendment rights.

+ Healthcare

Since the installment of the Affordable Care Act, we have seen our healthcare costs go up, and quality of care go down. Bureaucratic interference in the healthcare industry has created a situation of very limited plans to consumers and their families, and has even made it so that people could not keep their doctor of choice. In fact, almost half of the counties in the USA only have one healthcare provider available to consumers. By removing the array of options for the consumer, there is less competition between insurance companies, and this has caused premiums to skyrocket in a dramatic way. After repealing the ACA, we must allow the health insurance market to operate freely and compete for business from consumers by providing high-quality healthcare at low costs to all Americans.

Here are a few ways we can do that:

  • Allow for interstate competition by allowing consumers and employers to access plans across state lines.
  • Ensure that plans are provided to those with pre-existing conditions.
  • Expand tax exemptions for health savings accounts.
  • The Department of Health and Human Services should continue to provide grants to health centers that provide healthcare to young patients, rural residents, and low-income communities.
  • Reduce medicaid overutilization
  • Repeal the McCarran-Ferguson Act which allows for insurance companies to price-fix and avoid antitrust laws.

+ Israel

Israel is one of our country’s most reliable allies. It is also a bastion of peace, tolerance, and democracy in a region notoriously lacking in all of these.The guiding values of our countries and the solid bonds between our peoples strengthen the common interests we have in achieving peace and stability in the Middle East. When the United States collaborates with Israel via military defense and various business ventures, we are enabling both countries to advocate for global peace and stimulate our economies, while also contributing to some of the most incredible technological innovations the world has ever seen. Just a few of these innovations include the Iron Dome missile defense system, leading water desalination methods, advancements in cyber security, and environmentally friendly business practices. It is unfortunate that such a strong ally that upholds freedom in the Middle East has come under attack from not only terrorist entities in the region, but even mainstream politicians and pundits here in the USA. With such a strong and dishonest campaign of opposition launched at Israel, it is imperative that patriotic and freedom loving representatives in our government stand up for our ally. The hateful rhetoric of delegitimization towards the Jewish state presents no real solutions or desire for peace, and I will always stand against it.

+ National Security

It is unfortunate that we live in a world with a constant existential threat of terrorism. I am confident that we will see a day where the United States plays a role in eliminating this fear for our future generations. In regards to designated terror organizations such as the Islamic State, I am in favor of the United States cooperating with our allies to use our superior military capabilities to strategically destroy the physical presence of ISIS and other radical Islamic terror organizations, while putting emphasis on keeping our soldiers as safe as possible. World peace is also threatened by rogue states that express hostility towards the United States and our allies, and it is imperative that maximum pressure and deterrence from our top diplomats be exerted to emphasize the potential consequences of threatening America and its citizens. While I am in favor of the United States providing asylum and refuge to those in need, it is imperative that it is done on a careful and limited basis, so our agencies can enforce extreme vetting on each individual entering our country. The safety and interests of the American people must be the top priority!

+ Government Accountability

Over the last few years, Americans on all sides of the political spectrum have expressed extreme discontent with both elected representatives and appointed officials in state and federal government. President Donald Trump won an electoral landslide because he campaigned against a rigged system where officials had free reign to enrich themselves, deceive We The People by aligning their policies in ways that do not benefit the American taxpayer, undermine American ideals abroad, and significantly damage the American dream. Our campaign is just as much about exposing government corruption and malfeasance as it is about advancing a conservative policy agenda. A complicit media has allowed much of this to occur right in front of our faces, and my campaign guarantees to be the strongest voice in pushing back against this broken system to represent the people.

Here are some examples of the betrayal of American citizens that we will be standing up against:

  • Democrats and many in the media have referred to The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act as the #GOPtaxscam, and have repeated the lie that it only benefits the wealthy. The truth is that 90% of Americans have received a tax cut, and the reduced corporate taxes have caused wages to rise and jobs to be created at unprecedented levels. Consumer confidence is at an all-time high, but Democrats want to raise your taxes and hurt American businesses!
  • In 2018, Californians had the opportunity to repeal one of the many-existing gas taxes in our state by voting YES on Proposition 6. Our corrupt Attorney General, Xavier Becerra, deceived the voters by indicating on the ballot that Proposition 6 was a measure that would repeal the state’s roads and infrastructure revenue. The proposition was defeated. Less than one year later, it has already been revealed that the state has misused our tax dollars. The funds have not been used on roads and infrastructure, and are now unaccounted for. California’s gas prices are currently the highest in the United States.
  • When the Obama administration enacted the Iran deal, they claimed that the world would be made safer, and Iran would be significantly hindered from reaching nuclear capabilities. The truth is that Iran continued to enrich Uranium and build missiles in hidden facilities that United Nations inspectors were not allowed to enter. When sanctions were lifted and pallets of cash were delivered to the terror-sponsoring Iranian regime, Secretary of State John Kerry admitted that many of those funds would be given directly to designated terror organizations Hamas and Hezbollah, whose goals are to destroy the USA and our greatest ally, Israel.
  • Many of our representatives in Washington D.C, including some right here in Los Angeles County, have closely associated with extremists like Linda Sarsour and Louis Farrakhan, and organizations like the Council of American Islamic Relations (CAIR). Farrakhan and Sarsour are radical anti-semites who have referred to Jewish people as termites, denied the legitimacy of the state of Israel, and openly supported the actions of terrorist organizations. CAIR was named an unindicted co-conspirator in the Holy Land terror trial, and was proven to provide material support to Hamas. Democrats and their allies in the media refer to Sarsour as a progressive feminist leader and CAIR as a civil rights organization.
  • Now that we know the Obama Department of Justice and FBI used unverified opposition research paid for by a political campaign to obtain a Foreign Intelligence Surveillance (FISA) warrant to spy on American citizens, it is imperative that accountability and reform be brought to this system. Americans pride ourselves on being the freest people in the world, and rampant government surveillance sought through faulty information is no way to uphold the vision that our founding fathers had for us.
  • Democrats and the media have dismissed accusations of voter fraud as conspiracy theories, but the evidence of such in California is alarming, and quite disappointing to candidates and committees who work so hard during election season. Judicial Watch has won a lawsuit against the state of California, and Los Angeles County has begun to remove 1.5 million names from its voter rolls of individuals who have either moved, died, or are otherwise ineligible to vote. Furthermore, an audit of the California DMV “motor voter” program has determined major voter registration discrepancies, including registering non-citizens to vote. American elections should be FREE and FAIR, with only living American citizens voting, to ensure the will of The People prevails. Implementing voter ID laws in California is absolutely imperative to preserve the integrity of our republic. ,

+ Veterans

One of the main reasons we are able to live at home peacefully is because of the heroes in our armed services who put their lives on the line to defend this great nation. It is of vital importance that we take care of our veterans when they return from service and help them return to a normal and prosperous life. The issues of veteran homelessness and poor veteran healthcare are very troubling, and in Los Angeles County, they both continue to worsen by the year. Providing quality healthcare, education, accommodation, and vocational training is absolutely essential to all veterans upon returning from service. Also:

  • Those with physical or psychological injuries must be cared for in quality rehabilitation services in much less bureaucratic VA facilities.
  • Continue to bring accountability to the VA and those who work there, to make sure the VA does not turn into the other federal institutions of the administrative state.
  • Keep VA systems modern, quick, and efficient for appeals, disability claims, etc.
  • Guaranteed funded GI bill in every budget to include education and health benefits.

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